In Order To Get To Heaven, You'll Have To Take The Stairs

If Heaven is a place on earth, you're probably going to find it in these five places. Specifically, one of the so-called stairways to Heaven we found spread out all around the world are guiding tourists and locals to incredible views and perfect-picture opps.

From the tip-top of O'ahu to the endless expanse that is the Sahara Desert, these stairways all lead to the same place. Check out five treks below!

1. Flørli Stairs, Lysefjord, Norway
florli norway
Located in Norway, this steep "Stairway to Heaven" climb connects Lysefjord to Flørli by way of about 4,000 steps and an entire mountainside.

2. Haiku Stairs, O'ahu, Hawaii
hawaii stairway to heaven
Though it's completely illegal to make this Hawaiian trek to Heaven, daredevils risk life and limb to climb the 4,000 Haiku steps and get a little closer to the sky.

3. Himmelstreppe, Morocco, Africa

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This gateway to the gods is located near the town of Erfoud in the Sahara Desert, and the artist himself will book you a tour of his "Sky Stairs" art installation.

4. Rotunda of Mosta, Mosta, Malta
mosta dome malta

Housed within a church, this "Stairway to Heaven" is a direct and holy route.

5. Escaleras al Cielo, Yucatán, Mexico

Hidden among the Kiuic ruins in Yucatán, Escalera al Cielo's once-difficult (and now crumbling) climb used to scare away intruders and thieves from the Mayan settlement above.