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High-Stakes Netanyahu Speech

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What was the real deal with the Benjamin Netanyahu speech this week? It seems that Speaker John Boehner might have been set up by his own party. In fact, he may have been held out to dry by the proverbial right wing of the Republican Party to deliver the Israeli prime minister in a certain manner to embarrass the White House. Now, if only he could do this and do it right (no pun intended), then his minions would consider giving him the vote to continue the funding of the Department of Homeland Security. Subsequently, that appears to have saved him and his position as Speaker of the House for now. So if this logic is solid, the stakes were huge for Boehner, and thank goodness for him that he was able to stand on his head to deliver. Otherwise, he would have gone asunder under the bus rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue, and who knows who would have been nominated as the next speaker. It could have had a far worse outcome, folks. Frankly, it also looked like the prime minister was clued in to his use on the chess board too, because he delivered a safe speech complete with the appropriate props -- like dear author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

It bamboozles rational thinking that this had to come to pass and the game had become so complicated. One just shakes their head and ponders the end goal and the true stakes at hand. Why was this speech by the Israel prime minister so important to the GOP? Were the stakes worth driving a wedge into the hearts and minds of American Jews -- creating divisiveness where there had been so little? Or were the Jews just easy pawns? This speech certainly did not make Jews safer around the world; rather, it waived a red flag. In the end, perhaps this was just one of an arsenal of tactics for the right-wing Republican strategy to deter this White House for the next two years at any cost -- regardless of the consequences to the safety of the American people.