Donald Trump: Stand And Deliver

Photo by Gage Skidmore via flickr.

Okay, Donald. You've won. Now make sure that we've won, too. You say that you are going to end the rigged system and the corruption in politics. Do it. You say you are going to be great for women, Blacks, Hispanics and gays. Do it. You say that you will turn upside down the balance of power to help workers throughout the world. Do it. I'll be honest. I've never supported you. I dislike the way you have spewed negativity and divisiveness, and I disagree with many of your policy proposals. But now you are the president, our president, and you have to represent not just the people who voted for you, but all of us. And you need to care for more than money. You need to care for the Earth. I am ready to support you in the following way: In the spirit of American democracy, I pray for you to have wisdom and for you to grow into the role that you have been destined to play. You have asked for our trust. You will need our support. Now stand and deliver.

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