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Stand Up for Passion With Purpose

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Passion and purpose are perfectly aligned for me. Without the first element in my life the second one really lacks.

For me, the word purpose has always been associated with making a living. I grew up always wanting to be one of those people who said, "It doesn't feel like a job because I love it so much."

It took me a while to get to that place in life. I was committed to finding my way to that place though.

My first step in figuring out my life purpose was to clarify what I could see myself doing for the rest of my life based on what I was passionate about.

I remember sitting down on my living room floor one night with a journal and writing down what I loved to do with my free time. I was in my late 20s at this point.

My passions have always revolved around being creative. I grew up in a dance studio. I love to paint, write, scrapbook, cook and anything that involves glitter and glue. Since those elements helped me enhance my self-esteem, eventually my passion revolved around supporting females on their own path to being true to themselves. Finally, somewhere in my 20s I found my own spirituality journey and I've been passionate about that ever since too.

On the next journal page, I wrote down this question: "How can I make a living from my passions?"

And then I waited for answers. I waited for answers for months.

I don't remember the exact day answers came to me -- but I remember how I felt. There was this strong drive ignited within in for the first time.

I went to work creating an organization that inspired girls to be true to themselves. I brought in creative arts as a tool that allowed the girls to express themselves. I incorporated educational and psychology experts to help create exercises that would give the girls tools to know how to form healthy relationships, handle bullying and peer pressure in life.

That process took about two years. It went by fast though because I was so driven to finally live out my life purpose.

My passions in life lead me to finding my life purpose and eventually being one of those people who can say, "It doesn't feel like a job."

Once I put my life purpose in motion, the drive within me grew. That drive within me caught on fire when I finally stood up in my full authenticity and launched Severson Sisters.

My life purpose and passion have granted me some amazing moments. I've had the honor of being highlighted in Glamour. I've been selected as a USA Network Characters Unite award winner. I'm included on my high school Wall of Recognition. I've been featured as one of Arizona's Women Who Move the Valley by Arizona Foothills. I've had the joy of supporting and inspiring 1,300 girls along the way.

Most recently, I've been asked to Stand Up for Passion on Dec. 17 in New York City to share my personal journey to happiness. I'm really looking forward to this event because I'll be alongside six other passionate, authentic individuals who have powerful stories to share with the world. Together, we'll tell tales of how we've each learned how to live our lives with passion and purpose.

We each have such unique stories to tell and I'm excited to share the stage with all these fellow storytellers.

My personal journey to happiness is one I'm really excited about telling because it's been unexpected for me. Along the way, I decided to sum up my life purpose as being a light in the world. Learning how to keep the light within me bright has been an ongoing challenge.

If you're in New York City on Dec. 17, join me at Stand Up for Passion!

I'd love to share my journey with you.