'Stand Up Guys' Trailer: Al Pacino, Christopher Walken & Alan Arkin Are Goodfellas

It looks like the next four months are going to be good ones for Christopher Walken fans. The mercurial actor has a stand-out supporting role in the upcoming thriller "Seven Psychopaths" and plays a co-lead in the drama-comedy "Stand Up Guys."

That latter film stars Walken as a put-upon hitman stuck between a rock and a hard place: He's been hired to kill his best friend (Al Pacino), a former criminal associate fresh out of prison.

Despite some fish-out-of-water jokes -- and the presence of Alan Arkin as the third member of Walken and Pacino's group -- "Stand Up Guys" looks more serious than you might have assumed based on its somewhat comical conceit. Pacino is in his low-key mode, playing a character that seems like part-Willy Loman, part-Frank Slade from "Scent of a Woman." Meanwhile, Walken is Walken, all sad eyes and pathos.

Fisher Stevens directed "Stand Up Guys," which is set for release on Jan. 11, opposite "Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters." Watch the trailer above.

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