Stand Up - Turn Around

Some friends are going to be attending State Party conventions for the Democrats in the near future.

Instead of getting upset and out of control when the Clinton folks pull more stunts like what happened in Vegas, may I suggest a different form of protest. (This can also be used at the National Convention in Philly.)

Simply stand up and turn around.

A number of years ago Arlen Specter was recruited to be the Democratic Nominee for Senate in 2010. The party leadership was so afraid of having a real Democrat like Joe Sestak win the Senate, they recruited a Republican.

I didn't like it. So I went to a Democrat gathering where they were fawning of their newfound leader and I simply stood up with my back to him for like 40 minutes. Here is an article I wrote back in the day (Link)

A film crew saw what I was doing and asked me if I was nuts or something. Here is the interview from 2010:

The point is we do not have to be loud and obnoxious, but if the Sanders people want an alternative to volume - make sure you get pictures of you standing and looking the Clinton supporters in the eye as you are turned.

Let them know you mean business - the business of non-violent protest. You could use the Malocchio if you like, but that tempts Karma.

Your statement of body language is more poetic than anything said.

It is a controlled action - you say nothing. Keep your hand in front of you or fold your arms.

No one can attack you for disturbing the peace - as you are making no noise. Even if you get yelled at - make no noise.

Sanders is the candidate who has taken the mantle of Dr. King in this election. A large silent non-violent protest broadcasts louder than a lot of screaming and yelling.

If you don't stand for something - you will fall for anything...

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