Standing Firm for Freedom
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Trafficking Prevention Month ends today, but we would like to ask Free the Slaves supporters to remain vigilant throughout the year. With fast-moving changes at the White House and Capitol, this is a critical time for letting government officials know that fighting slavery is important to the American public. Everyone has a role to play, including you.

This month, Free the Slaves has recommended important steps the Trump Administration can take to maintain America's global leadership on combating slavery. The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking, which includes Free the Slaves, has published a 20-point action plan that highlights moral and practical reasons why ending human trafficking is the right thing and smart thing to do. Put simply: slavery anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere; slave labor abroad undercuts American labor at home.

Today, we are releasing part two of our poignant Trafficking Prevention Month film Slavery is Alive. This video reveals the horrific mistreatment people in slavery endure in India, Haiti, Pakistan, Ghana and the Philippines - spoken entirely in the words of slavery survivors.

Moving forward, Free the Slaves will continue to stand firm on behalf of slavery's victims. We are a nonpartisan and politically independent organization. We will continue to build on our successful record of accomplishment with the many Democrats and Republicans who support American investment in freeing slaves and changing the conditions that allow slavery to persist. We will continue to speak out when elected officials forget that freedom is the most important American value.

How You Can Help:

Educate and Mobilize: Get your family, friends, neighbors, classmates and colleagues involved. Visit our How to Take Action webpage for ideas and resources.

Speak Truth to Power: Tell your elected officials - local, state and federal - that you want them to support anti-trafficking programs. Write letters or emails, make phone calls, or attend town hall meetings and be heard.

Stay in Touch: If you aren't on our newsletter mailing list, sign-up for the latest news and action alerts.

Keep Free the Slaves Strong: Please consider making a special Trafficking Prevention Month contribution to bolster our advocacy and program teams.

Thank you for your continued support. We don't free slaves, you do.

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