Standing Up For Girls To Be Respected

The LitWorld LitClubs, held at the Red Rose School in Kibera, Kenya, the second-largest slum in Nairobi, are helping to transform the lives of the girls living there. These adolescent girls face unimaginable odds on a daily basis, yet they possess the drive to chase after their dreams and are desperate to further their education. There are countless stories of girls who entered the school shy and even afraid. Many of them felt unsure of themselves and were not confident in their abilities. However, through participation in the LitClubs, these young women began to blossom and have the confidence to let their let light shine. Here are some of their stories.

Mercy Ajuma, LitWorld Girls LitClub Member
My name is Mercy Ajuma. I am 12 years old. I love to read. My best sport is netball. My hobbies are swimming and traveling. I come from a family of seven. I am the second-youngest in our family. I stay with my mum and my siblings. My favorite colours are pink and purple. My ambition in life is to become an air hostess or a TV presenter. The reason why I want to become an air hostess is because that job really inspires me. I would love to know the world. My dreams are to go to a good high school after primary education. I do support girls' rights to have an education. Girls do have a right to education, but most of them are being denied their rights. Some are even forced into early marriages. When we unite together, and are given this opportunity, our voices shall be heard and we will be able to end corruption. I stand up for girls to appreciate themselves in every way, even if they are disabled or unloved. In some families, girls are unwanted. They believe that girls bring bad luck to the family. Girls are the mother nature of the world. So if you are a girl, appreciate who you are.

Spencer Awoor, LitWorld Girls LitClub Member
My name is Spencer Awoor. I live with my family. I stand up for good education for all girls. It is good for girls to have a better education because they all deserve it. They also have to go to school so that they can have a better future to help their country. Some girls might not have a good future and may end up being prostitutes. That name is bad and any girl who wants to have a good future is not able to enjoy her life. Girls should be supported and feel that they are loved. Some girls with no education may end up being raped on the street. With no education, you can go nowhere in this world. Girls should also know how to protect themselves. To all girls, I say the education is the key to your life and success.

Calvine Shikhoyi, LitWorld Girls LitClub Member
My name is Calvine Shikhoyi. I learn in the Red Rose Children Centre. I live in Makina with my mother and my brother and sister. My hobbies are swimming and dancing. My mother is a doctor in a Nairobi hospital and I would like to be a doctor like her. I stand up for girls to not be abused by many men. Men take advantage of small girls and there are many girls who want to have a better future. I am saying this because I want Kenya to be in peace and it can be prevented by not taking advantage of small girls. I want girls to have better future and education. That is why I stand up for girls to not be abused.

LitWorld's Stand Up for Girls campaign advocates for every girl's right to a quality education. By learning to read and write, all girls in the world can protect themselves against poverty, poor health outcomes and lifelong struggle. Literacy is a skill that once learned, is hers forever.

Let us stand together to champion the right of all girls to be Fierce, Fearless and Free.
Stand with us on 10.11.12. Visit our website to learn more and join the movement.