Standing Up to President Bush in Rhode Island

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Simply put, we have a vacuum of leadership in this country - especially when it comes to the war in Iraq. America has paid a heavy price for President Bush's irresponsible conduct of this war. More than two thousand Americans have been killed, thousands more wounded and we have spent billions of dollars. It is irresponsible for us to leave it up to President Bush any longer.

But instead of standing up to President Bush, we are seeing politicians do what's right for them or what's convenient at the expense of the majority of Americans and our country. That's wrong. And we can't stand for it any longer.

This is a time when we need leadership, when we need people who are going to stand up and say what they believe is right – and work to make it happen.

That's why in August I became the first U.S. Senate candidate to call on President Bush to set a timetable to finish the job in Iraq and bring our men and women home to their families. When I announced my call to President Bush, I started a petition and asked Rhode Islanders and the other Senate candidates in this race to join me and show united support for setting a timetable to bring our troops home.

The movement for change is growing. More than 7,000 Rhode Islanders have joined my call to President Bush. We have held coffees, meet-and-greets and gone door-to-door across our state to organize support for my petition. We have formed a coalition of religious leaders, veterans, and community leaders to call on President Bush to bring our troops home. And last week we launched my campaign's first podcast focusing on Iraq to continue the discussion of this critical issue. Click here to listen.

People are tired of the talking points. They want real leadership. We need to show a united front of support calling on President Bush to set a timetable for withdrawing our troops from Iraq. I hope you too will join my call and stand up for what's right, so we can bring our men and women home to their families.

To sign my petition or to get involved in my campaign, you can go to