Stanford Band Mocks "Girls Gone Wild" Founder Joe Francis In Front Of USC Crowd (VIDEO)

Stanford had quite a bit of fun at USC's expense last weekend. The Cardinal demolished the Trojans in Los Angeles, 55-21, and Stanford added additional insult by going for a needless two-point conversion when they were already leading by 27 points with six minutes left in the game.

But it wasn't just the players who got in on the action. Stanford's band ridiculed USC by mocking one of its less venerable graduates, "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis. During a halftime performance, a band member said the following:

With that said, USC can't take all of the credit for the successes of its students. After all, it takes a special kind of man to be wanted for sexual harassment, drug trafficking, tax evasion, prostitution, child abuse and disruptive flatulence. But that's just the kind of captain of industry Joe Francis is.

USC fans responded with a chorus of boos and the band carried on.


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