Bank Robbery Suspect Stanley Geddie Arrived In Taxi Drunk: Cops

You shouldn't bring a sandwich to a banquet and you probably shouldn't arrive to a bank robbery by taxi -- especially if you're drunk.

But that's what Stanley Geddie did Wednesday afternoon, according to police in Tallahassee, Florida.

When Geddie, 46, arrived at the Central City Bank, he owed $25.50. He allegedly told the driver, “I will take care of you when I come out,” according to

Geddie then walked into the bank and asked to speak to the manager.

When the manager invited him into his office, Geddie allegedly said, "I'm here to rob the bank," WCTV reports.

He also told the manager he was a carrying a .357 gun and C-4 plastic explosives and would "blow this place up" if he didn't get $100,000.

Witnesses told police that Geddie seemed drunk during his alleged bank-robbery-by-taxi.

"His movements let people know something wasn't quite right the way he was acting, probably slurring his speech something like that," said Tallahassee Police spokesman David Northway told the station.

Concerned tellers contacted police, who quickly arrived on the scene and met up with the disgruntled cab driver, who explained that Geddie was drunk and had stiffed him on the fare, according to

Officers said Geddie did not follow commands and was shocked with a stun gun before being arrested. A search revealed he had neither a gun nor explosives.

After arriving at the bank in a taxi, he left in an ambulance. He was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for stun gun wounds, according to the New York Daily News.

While there, he allegedly told police he was wearing two pairs of pants, figuring if he removed one pair after the robbery, he wouldn't look like the suspect, reports.

Geddie was charged with robbery, resisting an officer, two probation violations and a petty theft charge for the unpaid taxi fare. He remains in the Leon County jail on $25,000 bond.