Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Has A Message For Moon Landing Truthers

Strong words fired into cyberspace.
NASA via Getty Images

As we near the 47th anniversary of the first manned moon landing this month, the daughter of film director Stanley Kubrick attempted to bring non-believers back to Earth.

Some have maintained that the Apollo 11 mission was faked to further U.S. government interests during the Cold War. The re-emergence of a hoax video purporting to show "2001: A Space Odyssey" director Kubrick confessing to a staged ruse added fuel to the truthers' conspiracy theory.

Kubrick died in 1999, so perhaps it's up to his family to squash the, er, lunacy.

Vivian Kubrick, the filmmaker's 55-year-old daughter, launched a statement into cyberspace Tuesday, writing:

There are many, very real conspiracies that have happened throughout our history ... but claims that the moon landings were faked and filmed by my father? ... How can anyone believe that one of the greatest defenders of mankind would commit such an act of betrayal?

Here's the tweet in full:

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