Stanley Steemer Jingle Gets Turned Into A One-Women Musical Ode (VIDEO)

Actress Mia Gentile must REALLY love cleaning company Stanley Steemer -- or else she just couldn't get their catchy jingle out of her head. What else would possess someone to create and film a complicated musical number, complete with multiple costume changes, to a two-line song?

The New York-based artist's video includes 11 variations of the Stanley Steemer jingle. Gentile has a different outfit and singing style for each rendition, and she hits all the major musical genres, from Country to Hard Rock to R&B. (There's even a highly accurate parody of Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" toward the end.)

While we thoroughly enjoyed watching the video -- especially because Gentile's vocals and costumes are pretty impressive -- it did invite a few questions:
1. Why on earth did she make this video if she, as Ad Week reported, has no official ties to Stanley Steemer?
2. Where did she acquire all of those outfits?
3. How much time did it take to make this ode?
4. Will she EVER get the Stanley Steemer jingle out of her head?
5. Will we?

[H/T Ad Week]