Beautiful Parenting Quotes From Stanley Tucci

The character actor has five children — Isabel, Nicolo, Camilla, Matteo and Emilia.
Tucci with his three oldest children, Emily Blunt and Felicity Blunt at the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park on May 31, 2015, in London.
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Tucci with his three oldest children, Emily Blunt and Felicity Blunt at the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park on May 31, 2015, in London.

Stanley Tucci is very open about the joys and difficulties he’s experienced as a father.

The beloved character actor has three children ― Isabel, Camilla and Nicolo ― with his late wife, Kate Tucci, and two ― Matteo and Emilia ― with his second wife, Felicity Blunt. Over the years, he’s talked about his home life in a number of interviews.

In honor of his birthday, here are 14 parenting quotes from Tucci.

On Losing His Wife

“There’s all the blaming of yourself, which you can’t do, but you kind of do, and I’m just — I’m mostly sad. I’m sad for Kate that she can’t be here, and I’m sad for my children that they didn’t have the opportunity to spend more time with her because she was an extraordinary person.”

On Remarrying

“I feel very fortunate to be with Felicity. It is not easy to find somebody who is going to take on three teenagers [twins Nicolo and Isabel, and Camilla] and a widower. That’s a lot. But she was willing to take on that challenge. She cares for the kids as if they are her own, and it is a tough role, being a step-parent.”

On Having More Kids Later In Life

“Fatherhood with our young son is great, although it is a little tougher when bending down to pick him up. You’re like, ‘oh, fuck!’ That was quite different 17 years ago! But you know where to put your energy now, whereas when you were younger you didn’t. These days I am much calmer.”

On The Value Of Family Dinners

“My childhood was wonderful. Growing up in the 1960s and ’70s in Katonah, a rural part of Westchester, New York, we had a certain freedom. It was fantastic to run to the woods and play all day until your parents would shout for you to come home for dinner. They were always great about letting us have friends to sleep over. We ate dinner together every night, which is the greatest thing you could do for your kids. It gives real consistency and structure to family life. It is vital that you have a meal together; nothing is more bonding or more healing. Bringing up my own kids, with my wife Kate [who died from cancer], we sat down to dinner every night together. We both loved cooking. Whenever we travelled for work, we would always get a place with a kitchen so we could cook. Now, my [second] wife, Felicity Blunt, and I continue to do that with the kids and our two-year-old son, Matteo. Food has become a kind of obsession with me, but it is more than that, it is another limb or organ, it is part of who I am.”

On His Proudest Parenting Moment

“My proudest moment is when I actually get the school lunches packed in time! I’d rather be a sous chef at Lutesse than pack those darn school lunches!”

On Moving His Family To London

“Moving to London has been great for everybody. I think we have had so many more opportunities in London than we would have had in the US, where we used to live. The kids now have friends from all over the world. That wouldn’t have happened in the States. They have a broader view of the world, and it’s exciting.”

On Parenting Truths

“They say you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child, and that is true.”

On The Moment His Wife Died

“I couldn’t be in that room, because I knew it would be so devastating that I wouldn’t be able to take care of the kids after.”

On His ‘Easy A’ Dad Character

“As a parent, it would be great if I could be as relaxed as these people in the movie are. It’ll never happen. But a thing that I have in common with Dill is that I do joke around with my kids. We laugh a lot. But again, I couldn’t let go that much ― no way.”

On Work-Life Balance

“I have to orchestrate things very carefully. I always did, but particularly now because I’m a single father, I can’t go away for too long.”

On Keeping Kids Safe

“A little fear is OK. It’s important for children to understand what they should and should not be afraid of. I worked closely with an FBI guy [for ‘The Lovely Bones’], and he would tell his own kid: ‘See that guy over there?’ He’d pick ’em out, and tell them exactly what to look for. But ultimately, we all have to keep a close eye on our children.”

On His Children

“My kids don’t really like to watch me in movies. They just want me to be me. They’re great kids. They’re incredible. And they’re all really funny. Thank God.”

On The Phrases He Says The Most

“‘Who left that there?’ And ‘Have you finished your homework?’”

On His Happiest Moment

“Every time one of my kids was born and I knew that they were healthy.”

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