The Lakers' Staples Center Gets A New Name And Fans Cry Foul

The name change of the Los Angeles arena takes effect on Christmas Day after a $700 million deal.

Fans slammed the renaming of Staples Center in Los Angeles to Arena, which was announced on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old Staples Center is home to the NBA’s Lakers, as well as the Clippers, the NHL’s Kings and the WNBA’s Sparks. On Christmas Day, the venue will officially change its name under a $700 million deal with the Singapore-based cryptocurrency platform, according to The Associated Press.

Many on Twitter said they’ll continue calling it Staples Center ― “as long as I’m on this earth,” one fan vowed.

Some of the L.A. sports faithful, including Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa, insisted the arena will always be “The House That Kobe Built.” Bryant led the Lakers to five NBA championships in the building and he was memorialized there after his death in a 2020 helicopter crash.

New name be damned:

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