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The Stars move in different patterns throughout the year. If you follow my tweets @Stellastarguide, I post the Moon position daily. BUT, the longer lasting transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the important movers in world events. In the spirit of hope and light these are my observations and predictions.

The motto for everyone this year is GET REAL. Saturn has moved into Capricorn, a most determined and practical sign, and will stay in Capricorn for two and a half years. Saturn rules structure, big business, government, and hierarchy. This year groups and individuals will tune into what is really happening in the financial markets, governments and business. The fake news chant will be noisy but will gradually be replaced first by observation and then by actions that unmask the truth. What is the truth? The economy is recovering; the stock market will continue to rise; and yet there is a feeling of dissatisfaction and fear. The numbers and statistics do not measure difficulties in the infrastructure, especially transportation, nor the polarity between the haves and have nots. We will have to deal with our collective fear of so many things that feel out of control. My advice: do what you can while keeping balance and cheer.

On the global scene:

Terrorist attacks remain a threat.

The hot spot of Iran, although currently in turmoil, will quiet down.

The United Nations will apply what pressure it can on the current U.S. government’s plans to solidify Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Solar eclipse of July 13 will activate the U.N.’s dialogue on the subject but the organization may not be successful in swaying the interested parties.

The hot spot of North Korea will brandish words but not weapons.

The conflict in Afghanistan has not ended nor will it in 2018. There is likelihood of a new leader in this long suffering country.

The election in Russia is a fait accompli: Putin wins. Putin’s relationship with President Trump will be more beneficial to Putin than to the US Presidency.

On February 15 there is a partial eclipse of the Sun. This eclipse falls in opposition to the Great Solar Eclipse that occurred August 21, 2017. In the past eclipses similar to these two have been associated with global conflicts. However, it takes more than an eclipse to ignite warfare. The surrounding planetary positions are more benign than those which initiated global war. So: No on a World War.

The time period of June 26-August 27 is a testy one. Mars will be retrograde during this time period. Conflict in nations can escalate and individuals are very ready to pick a fight or react violently. This is a time to find an outlet for your aggression that does not involve confrontation. Scream at the trees or into a pillow. Buy some dishes and smash them. But do not expect a rational discussion about your grievances to go well. I would send these suggestions to governments but I am not sure they would listen.

National Disasters: Climate change will continue to create up and down weather. The cosmic purpose of the hurricanes, fires, and extreme temperatures is to balance the earth and to allow people to work together for survival. That may sound overly high minded and impractical but in terms of climate we thrive together by heeding Mother Nature.

The national social issues that will demand attention and will attract some expansive and out of the box solutions are: mental illness, the opioid crisis, and new fertility therapies for families trying to conceive.

There will also be new advances in voice activated technology, the use of Nano particles, and chip technology.

I wish you all a healthy 2018.

The stars move us all

The stars move us all

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