Star Toilet Paper, Created By Silverman Brothers, Promotes Ads Printed On Toilet Paper

Two young entrepreneurs want you to look before you wipe. Brothers Jordan and Bryan Silverman are the co-founders of Star Toilet Paper, a startup that helps advertisers slap their logos and promote deals on rolls of TP.

Their environmentally-friendly bathroom tissue uses soy-bean-based ink and costs advertisers $99 for 20,000 ads, or half a cent per ad. Wipers redeem coupons printed on the paper through the company's website (which looks like it was designed by someone on the john.) Venues that want to stock their stalls with the product receive the rolls for free.

"Advertising is about having people read about your product and this seemed the ideal place to do so," Jordan, 22, told USA Today. "So far, people have loved it."

Over 75 percent of people they asked said they would read ads on toilet paper, according to Star Toilet's website. The startup, which launched in 2010, aims to get its rolls into restrooms at highly-trafficked public venues, such as stadiums, offices and bars.

The company is now working with 50 advertisers, ranging from large firms, like Ben & Jerry's, to small businesses, like a local doctors' office, according to the New York Daily News.

Toilet technology seems to be hot right now. The founder of an Australian toilet paper company last month staged a live-streaming "squat-in" to attract attention from investors. And entrepreneurial heavyweight Bill Gates recently launched a public competition to reinvent the loo. Any ideas?

Editor's Note: This report previously included information about another company selling ad space on its toilet paper. The founders of that company,, did not reply to several requests for comment to confirm this fact, so it was removed.



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