'Star Trek 2' Klingons: J.J. Abrams Sneaks First Look At Villains In MTV Movie Awards

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"Star Trek 2" is already veiled in secrecy, which you should expect from a film written by Damon Lindelof and directed by J.J. Abrams. But did Abrams, a notorious master of misdirection marketing, reveal a big surprise from the film at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards?

During a relatively tame pre-taped bit about the world's worst archery consultant (played by Joel McHale), Abrams was shown in an editing bay on the set of "Star Trek 2." Behind him on one of the monitors: a still frame from the sequel which showed what looked like a Klingon -- the most famous of "Star Trek" nemeses.

HitFix's Drew McWeeny confirmed that the shot is indeed of a Klingon, but little else is known about the role the alien race will play in the sequel -- if they appear at all. Abrams had originally included a scene with Klingons in the 2009 blockbuster, but the moment wound up on the cutting room floor. (It's an awesome clip, however, if you want to watch it here.)

Directed by Abrams and starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, John Cho, Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch (as someone who may or may not be Khan), "Star Trek 2" arrives in theaters on May 17, 2013. Check out the Klingon still in the video above.

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