The Trailer For 'Star Trek Beyond' Is Basically 'Fast & Furious' In Space

The franchise takes a bold new direction.

The first trailer for "Star Trek Beyond" was released Monday and it looks like the sci-fi series got its mojo back. After the disappointing second installment, "Star Trek Into Darkness," J.J. Abrams, who rebooted the franchise in 2009, handed over the reins to"Fast & Furious" director Justin Lin.

Considering the insane action in the trailer -- Captain Kirk motorcycling in space, the destruction of the USS Enterprise and more hand-to-hand combat than we can handle -- it's clear that the series is moving in a new direction. 

In the trailer, we find Captain Kirk and crew left to fend for themselves on a threatening alien planet after a devastating attack. New cast member Sofia Boutella, who stars as a currently unidentified alien, plays a big role in the trailer, garnering more screen time than both Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana. 

It looks like Boutella's character and Captain Kirk have quite the connection. 

Watch the full trailer above. 

"Star Trek Beyond" hits theaters July 22, 2016. 


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