There's A Star Trek Cruise, And William Shatner Is Captain

Sail long and prosper.
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Trekkies of the world unite: There is a Star Trek ocean cruise, and it looks AMAZING.

The cruise will set sail from Miami in 2017, sailing to ports of call in Cozumel and the Bahamas. William Shatner is captain -- like, of the ship -- and other stars from the series will sail onboard, too.

There will be Star Trek-themed bars, clubs and events, including Q's Masquerade Ball hosted by the actual John de Lancie, Risa's Festival of the Moon Party and a Starfleet Gala. On-deck movie screenings under the Caribbean sky round out the trip, along with science panels, life-size Star Trek Catan games, and "performances, comedy shows and concerts," according to Entertainment Cruise Productions.

The cruise will take place on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship in Jan. 2017. Tickets sold out in two months, but Trek-loving sailors can still enter to win a free spot onboard.

Beam us up!

But if you'd rather Trek on land:

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