Star Trek Fans Think This Woman's Holiday Flair Is Out Of This World

"Make it sew."

A woman's festive adornment boldly goes where no Christmas fashion has gone before... and Trekkies are geeking out about it.

Throngs of people on the Internet have pointed out how the woman's two-toned outfit and gold-colored Christmas tree pin seem to conjure images of a Starfleet member.

With buttons on the sleeve of the outfit, some have pointed out the woman is even donning rank insignia.  

Reddit user LadyDrinksALot posted the image to Reddit on Wednesday, where it was upvoted more than 5,500 times and has more than 2.1 million views on Imgur.

Of course, true Trekkies know the outfit is a spatial anomaly, as Starfleet outfits are actually black at the top with red below, and the symbol is on the red part of the garment. The widely recognized outfit is seen in this image of Jean-Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart).

The photographer confirmed with The Huffington Post that the image was taken at Central Market in Austin, Texas.

"I snapped it and ran. I 100% admit to taking a photo without permission. I'm sorry for being a bad person," she commented on Reddit.

Redditors excited about the futuristic look weren't short of Star Trek puns and wordplay to express their excitement.

"I wonder if she'll pass that dress along to The Next Generation when she doesn't want it anymore," user Jackin_the_Beanstalk posted.

"Weaved long and proper," said gridpoint

"Make it sew," Redditor Mac_User_ added.

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