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'Star Trek'-Inspired Liquor Posters Have Us Geeked Out (PHOTOS)

Trekkies, set your phasers to awesome. Etsy shop Dangerous Days brings us these amazing Star Trek-inspired liquor posters.

They're straight out the imagination of Brian J. Smith, a Los Angeles-based illustrator who clearly counts Captain Kirk and his companions among his influences. We dig the vintage French poster vibe, too. If only they were real!

Adding insult to injury, it seems Smith is fresh out of posters on his Etsy shop, but you can buy other Star Trek creations, namely soaps shaped like glasses filled with the aforementioned fictional liquors.

On his personal Tumblr page, Smith reveals he's "working on making this an Illustrated guide book to Star Trek food and beverages." Sweet!

While we wait for the book to come out, click through the below gallery for some amazing drinks worthy of being sipped aboard the Starship Enterprise.

'Star Trek'-Inspired Liquor Posters