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Star Trek, Pac-Man And Other Shirts That Only The Coolest Geeks Would Wear (PHOTOS)

Those nerdy kids in high school were right all along. Not only do they now have the coolest jobs at companies like Google and Facebook, they were also spot on when it came to style. Spectacles? All the cool kids wear them now. Bow ties and saddle shoes? Street style photographers eat 'em up. And those T-shirts emblazoned with Star Trek/Pac Man/"insert name of cool '80s iconography here"? Even designers are down. Exhibit A: Balenciaga sent models down its fall 2012 runway in voluminous tops with images that harkened back to the days of Atari.

But why pay outrageous prices when you can head over to your local thrift store and pick up an authentic tee for a fraction of the price? Tuck it into your leather pants or your peplum skirt for a bit of irony. Our only advice: Wash before you wear.

Here, seven geek shirts that will get you psyched for that next round of Pac-Man at your local pizza parlor.

Nerdy T-Shirts

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