Star Trek & Twitterlutionaries: CyberFrequencies Turns One

My friends, it all started a year ago. Through a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, administered by AIR, CyberFrequencies, our sci-tech podcast that airs on KPCC, was born.

As our way of saying thanks to Uncle Sam for putting us on the airwaves, we're re-airing one of our first podcasts. We were on NPR's Weekend Edition with Scott Simon and since he interviewed us, we interviewed him right back.

What did we find out? The technological invention Scott Simon would like to see in his lifetime is to be disassembled, transported and reassembled like they do in Star Trek.

But in fact you can be beamed up and transported and reassembled through the wonders of Skype. So I'm also including our first CyberFrequencies video about some young Moldovan activists who took on their government's communist regime with a Twitter Revolution. This pre-dated the Iranian Twitterlution.

Activist Natalia Morar talks about the irony of the Moldovan government restricting her travel when she could simply talk to us half way around the world via Skype. Or as Morar put is "I can't travel around the world, but I can travel around the cyberworld."

In the interview, she's right outside the state building hiding in the bushes from the police. The video includes a film they sent us as well as footage from the protest.