Star Tribune Publishes Full Page Anti-Transgender Ad

LOOK: Major Newspaper Publishes Disgusting Full Page Anti-Transgender Ad

Minnesota's largest newspaper is coming under fire for the decision to publish a full-page anti-transgender ad from the Minnesota Child Protection League, which isreportedly an anti-LGBT group.

According to, the ad by the MNCPL is an effort to help stop the Minnesota State High School League from adopting an inclusive policy for transgender athletes.


The ad appeared in the Sunday edition of the Star Tribune, immediately instigating backlash on social media from outraged subscribers.

Citypages reportedly reached out to Steve Yaeger, the paper's VP of marketing and public relations, in order to inquire about the paper's decision to run the ad. He responded,

If you were doing a story on how media of all kinds (broadcast, print, digital) handle campaign and advocacy advertising, I'd consider how we could contribute to the conversation. But I don't think that's what you're doing.

In Minnesota, organizations and individuals of all kinds -- left, right, other -- know that if you want to reach the largest audience and have the biggest impact with your message, the best way to do it is advertising in the Star Tribune.

Head here to read the proposed transgender policy for the Minnesota State High School League.

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