Disney Kids Show Subtly Airs First-Ever Same-Sex Cartoon Kiss On Channel

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The Disney Channel aired its first same-sex cartoon kiss this week during the animated adventure show “Star vs. The Forces of Evil.”

The subtle yet groundbreaking moment comes when the show’s characters attend a boy band concert and a diverse array of concertgoers are shown sharing kisses ― including two men.

Check it out in the video below at 1:26.

The kiss is the latest in a long line of moves Disney has made to incorporate pro-LGBTQ messages in its programming, including featuring a lesbian couple on the show “Good Luck Charlie” in 2014. The network also showcased a same-sex couple in its animated series “Gravity Falls.”

The family-friendly company isn't alone: there are a number of other progressive cartoons for kids currently airing on TV, including the very queer Steven Universe.

Nice move, Disney. Keep the queer visibility for kids coming.

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