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A Star Wars Bedroom Mural Fit For A Superfan, As Seen On Reddit (PHOTO)

A wall Luke Skywalker would love.
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Reddit user lukori is the coolest cousin ever. Star Wars fans on the social sharing site were treated to see an amazing Star Wars mural that was made to decorate a young Star Wars fan's newly remodeled bedroom. It's from a scene early in the first movie, so why does this make such a great mural?

Well obviously, it's from the classic Star Wars trilogy that everybody loves. I think it would be a lot harder to get people excited about than something else, say a Jar Jar Binks mural. But this piece has a message appropriate for everyone, especially a twelve-year-old.

The mural is from an iconic scene Luke Skywalker looking to the two-sunned sky from his desert home planet Tatooine, contemplating his future as he looks to the stars. And as he soon found out, his destiny takes him far away from his home, giving him a higher purpose in life. This is very symbolic to the journey to adulthood, and something we should all remember.

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