This Bulgarian Music Video Is A 'Star Wars' Dance-Off

'Star Wars' Dance-Off Reveals True Power Of The Dark Side

Mind control. Nasty lightsaber skills. World-destroying heavy artillery. These are the powers of the Dark Side that "Star Wars" fans are accustomed to. But now, there's a new force to contend with: ridiculous dance moves.

Deep Zone Project is a Bulgarian music group that's represented the country in Eurovision, the contest that spawned Epic Sax Guy and a slew of other notable, meme-able performances. But to say the group's latest video is a game changer would be like calling "The Empire Strikes Back" a mere sequel.

The song is called "May the Force Be With Us," and its music video naturally delivers on the promise of (unofficial) "Star Wars" good times. Leia, Yoda, Chewie, Darth Vader and other favorite characters vie for supremacy. We're of the opinion that, had he not been digesting in the Sarlacc's belly, Boba Fett would have whooped everyone.

Watch the video above. Below are our favorite moments from the dance-off:

Star Wars Dance-Off

Gosh, Vader. Such a sore loser. We find your lack of fair play disturbing.

H/T Kotaku

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