'Star Wars' Day: May The Fourth Be With You; Celebrate Holiday With 14 'Star Wars' Videos

For the uninitiated, "Star Wars" Day -- an unofficial and fan-created "holiday" -- occurs every year on May 4, because "Star Wars" fans love their puns: "May the Fourth be with you." (Get it? Instead of "May the Force be with you.")

"Star Wars" Day isn't sanctioned by Lucasfilm (though the company is all for it) or the U.S. government, but that doesn't stop millions of "Star Wars" fans from celebrating the holiday by -- well, by at least remembering its existence and perhaps sending an earnest e-mail to their "Star Wars" buddy about why the original trilogy is so great. (Just me?)

Ironically, there actually is a "Star Wars" Day on the official record: the Los Angeles City Council declared May 25 to be "Star Wars" Day because that was the day "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope" was released in 1977. The George Lucas classic has its 35th anniversary later this month.

So! To enjoy "Star Wars" Day, you have a few options: you can watch "Star Wars" (just the O.G. trilogy; we're not monsters); you can make a few bad "Star Wars" jokes at work ("These are not the memos you're looking for..."); you can check out Casey Pugh's "Star Wars" Uncut (highly recommended), a fan crowdsourced recreation of "Star Wars"; or, you can watch 14 funny "Star Wars" videos below.

Insert pithy "Star Wars" reference here and happy viewing! OK, and fine: May the Force be with you.

Favorite 'Star Wars' Videos