'Star Wars' Death Star Waffle Maker Makes The Dark Side Delicious

May the fork be with you.

You know, the dark side doesn't seem all that bad. It turns out they serve waffles for breakfast.


This isn't just any ordinary waffle maker -- it's a waffle maker shaped like the Death Star, the Galactic Empire's super-weapon of destruction. And though the real (OK, fictional) Death Star is filled with droids, yours can be filled with loads of maple syrup. Its design allows for perfect topping distribution: Just look at all of those pockets, ready to be topped with all the syrup, fruit and whipped cream you can imagine.


You can snag one for your own kitchen from ThinkGeek for $39.99. Just remember, if you're making a batch for yourself, you'd better make another for your father. He'll be all:

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