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Star Wars EVERYTHING Just Opened At Disneyland And Disney World

Best. day. ever.

Today's your lucky day in a galaxy far, far away.

Disney just unveiled a whole slew of Star Wars rides, restaurants, shows and experiences at both Disneyland and Disney World, in a BIG rollout the entertainment company is calling Season of the Force.

Both parks are getting out-of-this-world upgrades. Highlights include an all-new Space Mountain poised as a Rebel X-wing battle, along with a walk-in version of Darth Vader's Star Destroyer. There are revamped cafe areas with Star Wars eats, a new Jedi Training course to take and never-before-released video games you can only play inside the parks.

We're kiiind of freaking out over it all:

The latest film in the series, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," debuts on Dec. 18, and major parts of the Disney parks are being transformed to celebrate the big release. Besides the aforementioned awesomeness, experiences will include:

--A Star Wars Launch Bay, where visitors can explore the aforementioned Death Star along with a Rebel base where they can meet Chewbacca. Stormtroopers will patrol the area regularly.

--An all-new Star Tours ride with 3D trips through the Death Star, Coruscant and the oceans of Naboo.

--A short film highlighting the entire Star Wars saga in 10 minutes.

--A Star Wars firework show at Disney World, starting on Dec. 18.

This is only a tiny taste of things to come: Star Wars lands will come to both parks sometime in 2016. We can't wait.

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