'Star Wars' Fans Are Camping Out A Week Before The Premiere

"It's like Woodstock ... but it's for nerds."

Hundreds of diehard "Star Wars" fans are already camped out days ahead of the movie's premiere -- and they aren't budging.

People began lining up at the TCL Chinese Theatre Imax in Hollywood, California, last weekend, to see "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," about 10 days prior to the premiere on Dec. 17.

According to a CBS local report in Los Angeles, the dedicated fans -- who have dubbed their campout efforts as "the line awakens," have already purchased their tickets and can come and go as they please -- but their determination to snag good seats keeps them in line outside the Theatre.

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The campout, that one camper described as being like "Woodstock, but it's for nerds," also serves as a means to raise money for a good cause.

Organizers of the campout are raising funds for Starlight Children's foundation, aimed at providing funds for children with critical medical needs.

#TheLineAwakens members waiting in line tonight at TCL Chinese Theatres.

Posted by TCL Chinese Theatres on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

If standing in line days before the much-anticipated release of a new "Star Wars" movie at the TCL Chinese Theatre seems a bit much -- consider this a tradition.

The first "Star Wars" premiered at The Theatre in 1977, then called Mann's Chinese Theatre and originally named Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

For the 2005 premiere of "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith," campers reportedly camped out at the Theatre weeks before -- despite knowing the film was set to release at a different theater, the Los Angeles Times reported in 2005. But they did so to honor the history of the film's release at that theater.

"It's an honor to stand in line to represent something," camper Jerry Anderson told the LA Times. "A lot of people might call us geeks or dorks, but it's really cinematic history."

The 2005 campers also raised funds for Starlight Children's Foundation -- at one point raising $8,000.

As for the current "Star Wars" campers, it goes without saying -- the force is definitely with them.

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