'Star Wars' Fans Defend Chewbacca After Pro-Trump Mob Sends Him Trending

Fans are speaking out after people on social media linked the "Star Wars" character with the Capitol rioters.

Even with the investigation still underway into Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters, there’s one thing you can be sure about: Chewbacca had nothing to do with it.

Photos of the rioters that appeared online showed a reported QAnon enthusiast named Jake Angeli wearing a strange Viking-like getup that inspired jokes the outfit was a “Chewbacca bikini.”

Soon, the “Star Wars” character was trending on social media.

Plenty of people loved it, apparently thinking “Chewbacca bikini” was appropriately demeaning for a member of the mob.

However, as Uproxx points out, “Star Wars” fans had a different take.

Many “Star Wars” fans defended Chewie on Twitter, not wanting the lovable, furry-faced hero from a galaxy far, far away to be linked to Trump-supporting rioters and mayhem that left four people dead.

The overall message was simple: “Stop calling that Trump terrorist ‘Chewbacca.’”

See the tweets below:

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