This Honest 'Star Wars' Teaser Puts The Pressure On J.J. Abrams

Will The Force be with him?

There are no fans quite like "Star Wars" fans. 

In anticipation of the franchise's latest film, "The Force Awakens," followers have definitely been buying into the hype, literally. Serious fans have already bought their movie tickets along with plenty of merch -- bobbleheads, posters, mugs, Wookiee costumes, voice-changing masks and even replica lightsabers -- getting themselves prepared for what's to come. 

And not only do "Star Wars" fans love their branded merch, they're ridiculously loyal to the franchise. That means, J.J. Abrams has his work cut out for him if he wants them to stick with him. 

The creators of Honest Trailers took it upon themselves to remind us all of exactly that. The team produced their own version of the film's teaser, adding in their brutally honest (and hilarious) commentary. From merch to money to terrible prequels, nothing is off limits. After the narrator pokes fun at the franchise, we're left with the classic logo, enhanced with a call to action: "It's on you, Abrams." 


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