'Star Wars' Funeral Would Have Had Husband 'Over The Moon,' Widow Says

'Star Wars' Funeral Would Have Had Husband 'Over The Moon,' Widow Says

The Force was with him to the end -- and beyond.

Gordon Deacon, of Wales, got a "Star Wars" funeral Wednesday. The costumed send-off included Imperial Stormtroopers who marched with a horse and carriage bearing the 58-year-old's coffin, outlets reported. Guests were invited to dress up as any "Star Wars" character except Darth Vader, because Deacon didn't want people dressed in black.

Deacon's widow, Marilyn, said her husband fell in love with the sci-fi series when the first movie came out.

"We used to go to shows and he had a signed photograph of bounty hunter Boba Fett on the wall," she told ITV. "He had Star Wars lightsabers, figurines, cookie jars, the lot."

Deacon, a father of four, died last month of pancreatic and liver cancer.

He was an amazing man who was a big kid at heart," his granddaughter told Wales Online. "He would always put a smile on your face."

The outlet also noted that Deacon was a Liverpool soccer fan, so attendees were also invited to wear the team color red. His grandchildren sang the Liverpool anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" during the ceremony.

His widow told Wales Online, "I think he would be over the moon about the theme of his funeral."

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