'Star Wars' GoPro Video Shows What It's Like To Be A Jedi In Battle

GoPro cameras have been used to give the world everything from a turtle's-eye view of the Great Barrier Reef to an astronaut's view during a spacewalk. But this latest clip goes even further -- to a galaxy far, far away -- and attempts to show a Jedi's view of battle. 

In this fan-made "Star Wars" video, a Jedi uses his lightsaber to deflect shots from storm troopers, faces off against a TIE Fighter and even confronts an AT-AT. 

"A Jedi takes his new GoPro out for a spin," Bill Parker, who posted the video, wrote in the description.

Parker has uploaded a number of effects-laden videos, with a heavy emphasis on sci-fi. He also created the 2010 viral video, "Star Wars vs. Star Trek."  

His newest video is so well done that GoPro responded in the comments and asked Parker to submit it to the company's ongoing  "video of the day" contest.

Response to the video has been largely positive, although at least two viewers chimed in to call it "fake" for a reason every "Star Wars" fan will recognize.