'Star Wars' Fans Lose Their Minds When Theater Projector Breaks

"It kind of ruined our night."

The Force may be strong, but can it contain a theater full of angry fans?

A projector broke down at Hollywood's Arclight Cinemas late Thursday night --midway through a screening of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," according to reports.

To make matters worse, it then skipped to a later part of the movie.

Multiple videos posted online Friday show theatergoers seriously freaking out -- some ironically, and others not so much.

"Nooooo! This is so f***** up," one man shouts in a YouTube clip posted by michirubio, as theater staff members are seen desperately trying to solve the problem.

Moviegoer Erik Melendez posted a similar video to Facebook, where he claimed the film was "spoiled" by the glitch and "everyone in the theater went crazy."

"The theater went into mayhem, people ran out, yelling 'Stop the movie!' [and] closing their eyes -- anything to not witness a spoiler," he later told LAist.

The issue was eventually fixed and the movie continued, according to CBS Los Angeles.

It has not been revealed what caused the problem, and Arclight offered a full refund for all the viewers, according to Mediaite.

Michael Melendez told CBS that "it kind of ruined our night," adding, "But it’s better to tell these fun stories than the sad ones you hear about."

Several moviegoers took to Twitter to complain, or laugh, about the incident:

Despite the evident frustration of those in the audience, Marc Pattavina told GeekNation it was a "strangely fun experience."

"But there's people who were really hyped to see this and have been anticipating this for a very long time that had to be very let down," he added.

Kristin Nepi added that the staff was apologetic, "but you really can't get that first-time experience watching a 'Star Wars' film. You can't get that back."

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