A 'Star Wars' Plot Hole's Hilarious Solution Actually Makes Sense

Is the force strong with this one?

Ah, the "Star Wars" prequels. In addition to giving you your favorite character ever, the Jar Jar who must not be named, the much maligned trilogy created some apparent plot holes big enough to fit a Death Star through.

Like, why doesn't Vader seem to remember C-3PO in the later movies? How can Leia remember her mother when Padmé died shortly after giving birth? And after "Revenge of the Sith," how did Obi-Wan Kenobi suddenly age faster than Robin Williams does in the movie "Jack"?

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Yeah, whatever you say, Obi-Wan.

Those issues are pretty crazy, but one of the biggest problems is why Darth Vader never discovered Luke "hiding" on Tatooine. Luke is using his real name, living with Vader's (Anakin's) relatives and Obi-Wan -- oops, sorry -- "Old Ben Kenobi" is close by, too. Kenobi also just so happens to hang out in Jedi-like robes all the time.

Even with Vader not initially knowing Luke is his son, this seems like a worse idea than leaving a tiny space open on your death ship that could destroy the whole thing. But hold on to your podracers, because it turns out that plot hole may have a hilarious solution that actually makes sense.

The theory: Vader would never go to Tatooine because he hates sand.

As a Redditor explains:

Darth Vader HATES sand. He considers it coarse and irritating, and it gets everywhere. [Jedi] know that Darth Vader would never choose to go to a planet covered in sand, and they're right.

How could any of us forget the cringeworthy "Attack of the Clones" scene where the future Vader explains his disdain for sand? The clip itself is coarse and irritating:

Tatooine has sand everywhere. It's like a thing there. But is this actually a reason why Vader wouldn't visit?

As Dorkly explains, there are a lot of reasons Vader would avoid Tatooine. He was a slave there, his mom died there and he killed a bunch of Tusken Raider kids there. Why the heck would you want to go back to that place?

Plus, it's also theorized that Luke's last name, "Skywalker," might be as common in the "Star Wars" universe as Smith or Johnson is to us. If that's the case, Luke keeping his real name wouldn't be a big tip-off.

Now, if you add all that to Vader's hatred of sand, and the fact that sand wouldn't feel great in a robotic suit, it makes sense why he might stay as far away from Tatooine as possible.

So is the force strong with this plot hole solution? Did Vader really have a reason to stay away from Tatooine? Or are the odds against it?

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