A 'Star Wars' Restaurant Is Coming To Disney World

A 'Star Wars' Restaurant Is Coming To Disney World

The new "Star Wars" movie "The Force Awakens" won't be released for seven months, but Disney has already started drumming up excitement for the film in a major way.

The latest marketing gambit? A "Star Wars"-themed pop-up restaurant. Or rather, in Disney's own words, "A 'Star Wars' Lounge Experience." Called the Rebel Hangar, this lounge experience will be held at Disney World in Orlando during the theme park's five "Star Wars" Weekends in May and June, which will also feature such attractions as "Classic Character Interactions" and a "Jedi Training Academy" for those between the ages of 4 and 12.

According to StarWars.com, Rebel Hangar will be designed to resemble an "abandoned starship hangar -- located in a galaxy far, far away." The restaurant will serve a plethora of "Star Wars"-themed dishes and drinks. The corn dogs, for example, are called "Lightsaber Bites," and the drinks have names like "Tatooine Sunset." The menu explains that the dish known as "A Trio of Thermal Detonators" consists of three spicy "pork wings," which really doesn't clarify anything, unless it's an elaborate play on the phrase "when pigs fly."

But the dishes won't just have names from "Star Wars" -- they'll also have cutesy resemblances to characters and props from the universe. Feast your eyes on these:

The infamous "Trio of Thermal Detonators"
You have never seen a cut of pork that looks like this before.
Yoda Key Lime Cake
Pretty flat for a cake, no? Looks more like a stack of pancakes. You'd think Yoda would be able to do better.
Pilot’s Pomme Frites
So what makes these Pilot's Pomme Frites? That famous staple of the cockpit, a dusting of parmesan and garlic.
Padme Amidala Naboo Salad
The strange syntax of this name makes it seem like "Naboo Salad" should be a pun -- but what is it punning on? Nicoise Salad? If so, that's a terrible pun.
Darth Maul Hummus
Fruit and Cheese Sabers
A Trio Of Cupcakes
That blobby-looking one in the middle is supposed to be Jabba the Hutt, perhaps in an alternate universe where he's become an albino. It's Salted Caramel Latte flavor.
The "Lightsaber Bites"
To clarify, if you took a bite out of a lightsaber, you would die.
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