This Star Wars Shrine Can Now Be Rented For Just $50 A Night

"Don't use the side passage. That path leads to the Dark Side..."

Trust your feelings by booking a night at this incredible Star Wars shrine.

British mailman Dave Oldbury has splashed out an astonishing $225,000 on packing his Southampton, Hampshire, home full of memorabilia.

The 46-year-old has more than 500 figurines, numerous posters, books, and life-size Storm Troopers, according to the BBC.

His body is covered in tattoos of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader.

And he’s also traveled the world to track down some 9,000 cast and crew members to get their autographs.

Oldbury has offered fellow Star Wars nuts the chance to stay at his home in the run up to the UK release of the new “The Force Awakens” movie, on Dec. 17, for just over $50 per night.

It’s described as being in a neighborhood “under control of the Empire and is protected by an energy shield that is able to withstand any bombardment.”

House rules include not using lightsabers indoors, nor going down a side path which “leads to the Dark Side.”

Most importantly, he said that visitors must “always let the Wookie win.”

Oldbury said that he’d gotten to hang out with his heroes from the films while getting their signatures, and that he could give his guests “the inside scoop.”

He said he became obsessed with the franchise as a child, and his dedication to the cause has snowballed ever since.

He admitted it was "not going to happen," but revealed his ideal guest would be actress Carrie Fisher dressed in her slave Princess Leia outfit.

And he said that guests would "go to bed dreaming of Star Wars and you wake up looking at Star Wars."

But those hoping to stay at the home look likely to be disappointed, at least for the time being. There currently doesn't appear to be any availability.

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