Kylo Ren Boards The Millennium Falcon In A 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Deleted Scene

Watch a compilation that teases several unseen moments from the movie.

The obvious excitement of a new "Star Wars" DVD means you can watch BB-8 roll around ad nauseam, because the movie's $2 billion worldwide box-office intake means we as a collective society have not watched "The Force Awakens" nearly enough. But the real juice, as any faithful "Star Wars" fan knows, comes in the special features. Especially this time, when George Lucas isn't around to tamper with the film itself, as he was wont to do throughout the franchise's history. 

We've already told you about one highlight: an hourlong documentary that details the making of "The Force Awakens." And on Thursday, Disney released a teaser previewing the movie's deleted scenes, including footage of Kylo Ren standing in the cockpit of (spoiler alert) his father Han Solo's illustrious Millennium Falcon, before abruptly turning around. What's caught the wicked dictator's attention? We'll find out when the DVD/Blu-ray arrives early next month. It includes seven deleted scenes in total. For now, watch the teaser:



'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'