The Entire 'Star Wars' Trailer Has Been Recreated In Snapchat Art

Amazing, it is.

Just when you think we've reached peak "Star Wars" hype, these talented artists recreated the entire "The Force Awakens" trailer in Snapchat art -- and it seriously rocks.

YouTube channel Yoda Didn’t Die posted the clip on Thursday. The graphics are way more vibrant than the trailer's, giving it a real video game vibe.

The channel also uploaded a comparison video (below) and asked viewers to "see how many differences you can find."

Some 18 artists were involved in the project, which was coordinated by Michael Rudolph (aka Yoda Didn't Die), according to the YouTube post.

They're not the only ones chronicling the new George Lucas movie through the wonder of art. Dozens of paintings, photographs, cartoons and models have also been created in recent weeks to celebrate its release.

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