'Star Wars Uncut: The Director's Cut,' Is Full-Length Film Made Of 15-Second Fan Films (VIDEO)

Emmy Award-Winning 'Star Wars' Remake Is Made Of 15-Second Fan-Made Clips

One of the more ambitious fan-made projects of recent years is finally here in its entirety. The Emmy Award-winning "Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut" is a two-hour-long remake of "Star Wars: A New Hope," using fan-made clips that each run for 15 seconds. The project worked like so: In 2009, director Casey Pugh and her team cut the original film into 473, 15-second clips. Fans chose from the selections and refilmed them however they chose, and the "Star Wars Uncut" team stitched it back together with the fan-made renditions they hand-selected. Fans were inventive in their rethinkings of the scenes, with everything from tweets and illustrations to groups of people reenacting scenes in their living room, resulting in the impressive "Star Wars" patchwork quilt you see below.

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