Everything You Need For A 'Star Wars' Wedding, Minus The Evil Sith Lord

"In a galaxy far, far away..."

If those six words had you squealing for joy because you love "Star Wars" just oh-so-much, then you're going to love what's coming next.

We gathered some ideas for a killer "Star Wars"-themed wedding worthy of even the Galactic Empire. Check them out below.

Start with "Star Wars" invitations and RSVPs:

Then, get some custom-made "Star Wars" wedding rings:

Rings created by CustomMade artist Paul Bieker

His and Hers Star Wars Ring Set by SwankMetalsmithing on Etsy

You'll need "Star Wars" ring boxes to hold your awesome rings:

Posted by Redditor TaiMaiShooToo

And of course some "Star Wars" threads for authenticity:

Posted by Redditor sheepinabowl

Or go simpler with small details like "Star Wars" cufflinks:

Posted by Redditor BagelGirl27

Don't forget "Star Wars" wedding favors:

Posted by Redditor iamtherealj

And a delicious, but classy "Star Wars" cake:

Posted to Reddit by j0be

Lastly, to ensure you remember this day forever, hire a wedding photographer who understands the theme:

Photo by Steven Kowalski

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