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Starbucks Is Finally Testing Out Coffee Ice Cubes

We're buzzing just thinking about it.

Nothing kills a buzz faster than watered-down iced coffee on a hot summer day. Enter Starbucks and its not-so-new-yet-perfect solution: coffee ice.

Yes, that’s right, for 80 cents per drink you can pack even more caffeine into the already pretty heavily caffeinated drink offerings available at the coffee chain.

The frozen gold ice is in a testing period at 100 stores in St. Louis and Baltimore, Cosmopolitan reports. But if the reactions on social media so far are any indication, you might soon find these pellets of goodness at a ’bucks near you.

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Today I learned two things-- #Starbucks #CoffeeIce is amazing, and I really like the #ToastedCoconutColdBrew

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Of course, considering Starbucks drinks already cost a small fortune before adding 80 cent ice cubes, you still might be more inclined to simply make them yourself at home.

For what its worth, though, even people who tout themselves as Starbucks employees are impressed with the news. Reddit user Owlcitizen44 started a thread Tuesday explaining that when added to a White Mocha Frappuccino, “the coffee ice really made it better,” adding, “the coffee taste was stronger and it was a lot smoother. I don’t know if it was kind of a placebo effect and I was pre-expecting it to taste that way, but the other partners I tried it with all agreed.”

This from a person who says they are “not a huge frappuchino [sic] fan”? We’re intrigued, to say the least.

Bring on iced coffee season, people.