Starbucks Will Stop Pouring Beer And Wine In Regular Stores

The company is ending one of its most intriguing experiments yet.

Starbucks is pulling its menu of beer, wine and dinner treats from more than 400 stores nationwide this week, the Associated Press reports.

The “Starbucks Evenings” program ― which aimed to turn stores into cocktail-hour meetings spaces with a menu of beer, wine and shareable plates ― was first tested in 2010 and rolled out nationwide in 2014, according to Eater.

Starbucks will nix the program in regular Starbucks stores, though a few licensed or overseas locations may continue it, the AP reports. Beer, wine and spirits will be served in Starbucks’s newer, fancier Roastery and Reserve locations.

Guess we’ll work on perfecting coffee cocktails at home.