Starbucks Exorcism Caught On Video In Austin, Texas

Exorcism Caught On Video... At A Starbucks?!?

In nomine venti!

In a clip posted online this week, a man appears to have walked in on an exorcism taking place outside a Starbucks in Austin, Texas.

"All your legions of poison - OUT!" the person leading the exorcism says to someone sitting in a chair, who convulses slightly as he appears to spit his legions of poison into a Starbucks cup.

"In Jesus Christ's mighty name. By the blood of Jesus Christ, by the blood of Jesus Christ, you have no legal ground to be in here," he demands. "You have to leave. You cannot trespass on the cross."

Someone named Umgar wrote on reddit that he recorded the video at a Starbucks close to his home, which he said is often used by youth Bible study groups.

"This is the first time I've seen something like this though," he wrote. "I watched for a while besides what's on the video because at first I thought it was a joke, prank or film project -- nope!"

Umgar also included the dialogue between himself and one of the people in the group, which is hard to make out on the video as the exorcism unfolds:

Purple-glove-guy: How are you doing sir?

Me: Fine

Purple-glove-guy: My name is *something*

Me: Umgar, nice to meet you.

Purple-glove-guy: Have you received a deliverance before?

Me: Uh.... I don't know what you're talking about.

Purple-glove-guy: It's when someone has real evil spirits in them...

Me: Ok

Purple-glove-guy: They're using the name of Jesus to pull it out.

Me: ...Starbucks is an interesting place to do that...

Purple-glove-guy: Ya god's everywhere so, you know, god chooses the place.

Me: Alright... have a good one.

Some have suggested that the video is staged, but Umgar insists that it was an honest-to-goodness exorcism.

"I stayed around much longer than the video shows (I had actually been there about 10 minutes earlier and came back to record) and I can assure you it was not an act or staged," he wrote on reddit. "These guys really believed they were using Jesus to pull evil spirits out of this poor dude."

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