Yep, This Woman Ate Only Starbucks Food For A Year

One year ago, we wrote about Beautiful Existence, a Seattle woman who vowed to eat only food from Starbucks for an entire calendar year. Well, folks, Ms. Existence successfully completed her endeavor.

The 40-year-old woman spent from $500 to $600 per month on meals. We're guessing Beautiful Existence is grateful that Starbucks vastly improved its food offerings this year with items from La Boulange. She was a big fan of Evolution Fresh smoothies (a brand that Starbucks owns).

At the end of the 365 days, Beautiful Existence celebrated with fish and chips.

Here's a video recap of her many meals:

Curious as to why she decided to attempt this challenge in the first place? In an early blog post, Beautiful Existence writes:

So again, WHY? am I doing this challenge? Or WHY? will I do any challenge in the future? Because I LOVE being human and I LOVE the privilege of being able to ask the question WHY? in the first place! I love the question WHY? because sometimes I find that the answer leaves me with even more questions about life… and then, my circle starts all over again and I wouldn’t want my WHY? any other way.

While the Starbucks year might be behind her, Beautiful Existence has a new challenge for 2014. She's going to try to learn 80 recreational sports.

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