Starbucks Just Offered Gold Status To Anyone Who Walks In The Door

But people aren't too excited.

Starbucks revamped its Rewards program this week, and now everybody is buzzing ... but not necessarily in a good way.

The exciting part is that for the next few weeks, anybody can earn Starbucks Gold status in an instant. Previously, Gold status took weeks, months or even a year to achieve, via lots and LOTS of purchases.

As a way to promote its revamped Rewards program, Starbucks is offering a year of Gold status to customers who make any purchase between now and May 2, as long as they pay with a registered Starbucks card. Gold status grants customers access to a whole bevy of rewards like free drinks, free refills and special food offers from time to time.

However, there's a catch. These Gold rewards are not as impressive as they once were, some coffee lovers say.

Under the previous Rewards program, Gold members earned one "star" every time they made a purchase at Starbucks. After 12 stars, they got a free drink.

Now, however, Gold members earn stars based on the amount of money they spend, not just for making any purchase. It's a move that makes some people's Frappuccinos taste a little more sour than sweet.

Some customers have even "celebrated" the change by purchasing coffee at the nearest McDonald's instead. The horror!

But hey, If you're into having that coveted Gold card, then now's your chance. And it's a BIG one.

Buzz on!

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