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Starbucks' Half-Priced Frappuccino Happy Hour Is Returning For A Limited Time Only

Now this is our kind of happy hour.

For a limited time only, Starbucks customers can get a Frappuccino for half price when they visit the store between 3-5 p.m, aka "Frappuccino Happy Hour." According to a company spokesperson, My Starbucks Rewards members will get a second bonus "happy hour" from 5-6 p.m. Both happy hours are only valid until May 10.

While you're there, we recommend trying Starbucks' new S'mores Frappuccino, a delicious blend of marshmallow whipped cream, graham crackers, coffee, milk and ice. Also available for a limited time, you can pair it with one of the coffee chain's new chocolate Cookie Straws. See you in line!


Make coffee ice cubes.
How Sweet It Is
And never drink another watered down iced coffee again.
Or chocolate ice cubes.
Man Made DIY
Game. Changed. You're going to want the recipe for these from Man Made DIY over here.
Better yet, make MINT ice cubes.
17 Apart
Just like that, things got fresh. (Here's how to make those.)
Chill it overnight.
So as not to melt the ice. Chill it in a to-go cup that way you can run out the door in the morning. (You'll thank us tomorrow for that tip.)
If not, shake it cold.
Same way you would a cocktail.
If you have the time, cold brew it.
James Ransom/Food52
That's how the best coffee shops make their iced coffee so good. It'll be less acidic and majorly smooth. Once you get in the habit of brewing this way, it'll become second nature. It isn't hard to make cold brew either-- pour water over coffee and let it sit -- it just takes the foresight to do it. And remember, this is a concentrate! It's very, very strong. Get the full instructions over at Food52.
Go bold and spice it up.
With cinnamon or cardamom or chicory. Get creative.
Make simple syrup.
How Sweet It Is
That's the best way to sweeten your iced coffee. Regular sugar just doesn't dissolve as nicely in cold drinks. You could even get fancy and flavor that simple syrup.
Add chocolate.
You deserve it.
Take it to the next level and make it Vietnamese with sweetened condensed milk.
James Ransom/Food52
BONUS: Make it into a soda with sparkling water.
Man Made DIY
Coke doesn't stand a chance against this simple recipe from Man Made DIY.